How We Can Help

We are a non profit self funding Social Enterprise - In order to provide these services we need your support


£500 Funeral Payment 

A one off grant paid to the Funeral Director on your behalf (When funds allow)

A Special Dove Release

Letting go can be one of the hardest things we ever have to do, yet all of us at some time have to do it. For millennia and across cultures, doves have symbolised love, peace and new beginnings. Cradling one gently then releasing it to soar and fly free, watching as it circles and orientates before purposefully heading for home can be a powerful way of relieving grief associated with the loss of a loved one. The message of the dove is simple: life changes shape and form while the love lives on, blessing us forever.

Bereavement Support Groups - In Worthing

One to One Counselling - With selected partners

One to One Counselling for young adults that have lost a friend suddenly